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September 24, 2007


Michelle Westcott

The many times I saw Mike running around like crazy on race day w/the Loco crew, I wanted to just stop him and say THANK YOU...for taking the time to put together such a beautiful, fun, well organized race. It was a race that I truly looked forward to, that was challenging and I am more than proud that I finished. You guys do it better than the average race and I look forward to your next challenge...Thanks again.

Ginny Mosher

Hi Folks
Thank you for a wonderful race and making us all feel so welcome,no matter what caliber of runner we are(which is really what it is all bout)!
My daughter,two friends and myself had a great time and so proud of ourselves for finishing a difficult course!

Carrie Owen (newbie)

I was really pleased with everything. Thank you for putting together such an awsome event. This was my first, and I will be back next year! The all women and one lucky guy was a great idea. My husband tried to be the "one lucky guy", and he says I should keep running this event untill he gets to be the "one lucky guy"! Sounds good to me, I had a blast!

Alison Black

Another "slam dunk" from the Loco crew! It was even better than Great Bay. Couldn't have asked for a nicer host town, though would have loved more of the course to be next to the ocean. Everything was awesome, but the highlight for sure was meeting Kathrine Switzer and hearing her excellent talk at the pasta dinner. What an inspiration! Thanks to everyone for their hard work. The volunteers rocked. I loved the pizza after the race. The course was tougher than I thought but I still ran a PR. Thanks again!


This is the first race I've ever been to where I didn't have to wait in line for a bathroom at all! For next year, I might suggest a few more pot-a-potties out on the course though. The traffic on the road was light and well managed, registration was a breeze, and running with 800 women was inspirational. The course was deceivingly hilly, I'm a bit sore today, which I always appreciate. Congratulations on putting together such a well organized event. I'll be back next year for sure!

Cheryl Scher   East Brunswick, NJ

I was very impressed with the design and quality of this race. It went off as a 1st class event, which is especially difficult when being put on for the first time. The course was BEAUTIFUL!!! Very challenging and scenic.The food after the race was good, while the pizza was nice the chowder was to die for. My only regret was that I couldn't get another cup full down, I did 2 and was STUFFED, my compliments to whomever made it.The staff was courtious and helpful, more then ample bathrooms, excellant parking....I could keep on and on with the compliments. GREAT JOB, see you next year.

June Triangolo

Bravo to all the volunteers and staff who made this race so successful!!The race course was awesome...I loved it all:the seacoast, rural roads, leaves changing colors,small harbors and even the rolling hills. It was worth the trip from Florida!! Great job.
P.S. Loved the medal and hat!

Ellalou Zirblis

Major kudos to Mike and the entire team of volunteers that made my first 1/2 marathon a truly enjoyable experience. I've attended numerous races with my husband and this was, by far, the most well-organized and smoothest running race I've seen in some time. It was awesome to be on the course with such a high caliber group of women and our "one lucky guy." Finishers medal is fabulous and something I will cherish. Adore the long-sleeve t-shirt, fits like a dream and extremely comfortable. Only suggestion for the futue is to include the date on the t-shirt.

Dot Zullo

What a great job!! Beautiful course ( a lttle hillier than I expected!)Extremely well organized! My only suggestion...since you are including a separate race for walkers maybe next year the walkers could receive the same recognition as the runners.

Paula Miller

This was my first half-marathon, and I loved every mile of it!! I came over as part of an eight-women contingent from Vermont Team in Training. We run to raise funds for leukemia and lymphoma research. Thanks to the great coaching we receive throughout the year (Yeah, Jan Leja!!) and the supportive camaraderie of my teammates, I was more than ready for this race. We had so much fun exploring York Beach Friday and Saturday, and the Sunday race crowned an unforgettable weekend!! Thanks to LOCO and the people of York for an unbeatable experience!!

Angela Vachon, St. George Maine

What a great race!! Beautiful!! This was the first 1/2 marathon for both myself and my Sister-in-law Aimee!! It was a great joy to race in York. I am very pleased w/ my time and the ease of which the race was put on and to sign up for. Great communication from registration through the race. Thanks loads to all the volunteers who directed traffic, passed out water, "ade" and GU!! Especially those who sat you down, gave you water and took off the chip!! WOW! What a treat!!! Very nice young people!! We hope to take on the challenge of doing this every year from now on...but...looking ahead to the Maui Marathon?!?!?!?! GO BIG!!!
Thanks again for a great experience!! Oh! And to hear your name, number and town as you cross-priceless!!

Susan S

I had a great time and plan to return next year. The course had more hills that I expected but it wasn't a big deal. Beautiful scenery and wonderful volunteers and spectators. My only suggestion would be a few porta-johns outside of the school to avoid wandering the school looking for a restroom. Thanks for a great race!

D. Tuxen

Overall a great race. Very well organized with ample parking and bathrooms. I think a couple of the mile signs were off (2, 13) and I wasn't expecting all the hills. More sports drink on the course would have been helpful. I really disliked the SUVs full of kids driving by and screaming all the time; it was very distracting. Probably would not do another all-women's race so I could avoid this. Other than that it was great!

C. Woodcock

Thanks for a great well-organized race. I thought the water stations every 2 miles were perfect and the volunteers along the route were awesome. This was my 1st half and had I known how challenging the course was I probably would've waited a year to run it. Also I think the walkers should go off after the runners and maybe an earlier start time. Thanks.

Susan Foster

I loved this race! It was my first half marathon and it was the perfect choice. Thanks for making an all women's race - there is something really wonderful about 800 or so women getting out there together to run!


What a fantastic race and experience! I thought the course and views were awesome. I thought the race was very organized and I am looking forward to running it next year. One thing I would change is to have more portable toilets outside. I got stuck inside a long bathroom line inside the school and didn't get a proper warm up. I didn't know if we could wander the school looking for more batharooms.
Thanks for making my first half marathom a great experience!!

Heather P.

great race, great spirit, great day.
though the course description said "mostly flat with some rolling hills". it was more like "mostly rolling hills with some flat" that being said - it was insanely beautiful with wonderful folks (runners,event staff and on-lookers alike).
AND the somewhat "rolling" terraine put me in a good place for the Cape Cod Marathon 1 month following (last 12 miles = all hills).
can't wait to run the 1/2 marathon again in 2008.

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