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August 07, 2006



Is Mojo spanish for "only running shoe that stopped my knee from hurting?" Seriously, I don't care what they're called, but for the first time in years, I'm running pain free with a smile on my face. Thank you!


I have long suffered from toe box difficulties in a variety of shoes (leading to black toenails after long runs). I kept consulting the running store gurus and they always had a make/model to address the challenge. And the new shoes always performed well in short flat runs. When I finally sprinkled in some hills or distance though, the problem re-surfaced.

Then I ordered a pair of Carumbas. Stupidly, I didn't break them in much before their first marathon (18.6 miles including a 5K, to be exact)

Yesterday, I ran the 10th annual Air Force Marathon in Dayton Ohio. Today I'm hobbling a bit from sore legs, but the toes and feet feel great. The Carumba is the same size as the other shoes I've worn, but it is not as constrictive in the toe area. To me, the marathon is the ultimate test for a shoe and the Carumba passed with flying colors. I thank the Crazy Cobblers at Loco for this shoe.


I put shoes on everyday. but 4 days a week I put on my LOCOS! and head to my training runs. My wife hates my pre run ritual I started only after purchasing my Mojos.

Every run since the first day I pulled a pair of Loco Mojo on my feet I yelled... LOCO! in my best mexican Accent. I don't always yell, espcially at 6am on Saturday mornings, but I always say it.

What can I say I'm loco about LOCO!

LOCO's biggest Fan in Knoxville

P. Turgis

I believe the Spanish term is actually, "¡Ay, caramba!"

It comes from the Spanish interjection ¡ay! (denoting surprise or pain) and caramba, which is an exclamation of disgust or surprise.

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